Wireless Hotspots are a wonderful way to attract and keep customers and/or generate revenue. The problem with most wi-fi solutions is they’re too expensive. Pogo can supply a managed wi-fi solution for Gold Coast businesses from just $180.


Gold Coast Wi-Fi Hotspot Solutions

  • cloud-based management of the wi-fi (wireless) hotspot
  • paid or free wi-fi hotspot
  • allocate time and/or data usage per user
  • block or terminate problem users
  • block peer-to-peer through your wi-fi hotspot
  • content filtering to prevent undesirable use of your hotspot in a public location

A Wireless Hotspot Solution You Can Own

Our wireless hotspot solutions do not use a profit sharing arrangement. You own your own wireless hotspot. That’s the way it should be. Pogo are always available to assist you with management of the hotspot if required. In practice our cloud-based management system means that owners manage the wireless hotspot by themselves.

hotspot management is cloud based
hotspot management is cloud based so you can access it from anywhere, even on your phone

Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Solutions

If you’re looking for a solution to provide free wi-fi hotspot for your patrons then this is your best solution. The average sized Gold Coast restaurant or cafe will need only one node. In most cases full installation for $180 is possible. This is an affordable solution for providing this service for your patrons. Don’t let your customers go to McDonalds or Starbucks just because you don’t have a wifi hotspot solution.

Free solutions include:

  • unlimited access
  • restricted speed access
  • coupon access (runs out when coupon runs out—details of useage are set by you)
  • redirected to splash screen with branding and terms and conditions
  • upon accepting conditions, redirected to website of your choice (eg your Facebook site)

Paid Wi-Fi Hotspot Solutions

If you’re using your wi-fi hotspot to generate revenue then it makes sense to own it. There a reason why so many shared profit solutions exist, because you’re supplying the internet and the clientele and all they do is provide a solution and take half the money. A better solution is for you to own the hotspot and collect all the revenue yourself. With a Pogo wireless hotspot solution you can afford the solution and will very quickly recoup your costs and start making a profit on your wireless hotspot.

Paid hotspot solutions include:

  • coupons printed and purchased at POS
  • user pays via credit card payment online
  • user pays via Paypal payment online
  • redirected to splash screen with branding and terms and conditions
  • upon accepting conditions, redirected to website of your choice (eg your Facebook site)

Gold Coast businesses use Pogo wireless hotspots to generate income and attract and maintain customers.

Examples of Wi-Fi Hotspots

  • single node cafe hotpsot
  • single not farmstay hotspot (in Gold Coast hinterland)
  • multi-node horizontal hotspot (Southport private hospital)
  • multi-node vertical hotspot (Pogo have done up to 24 floors of Gold Coast accommodation building)

Increasingly people are expecting and looking for wi-fi hotspots. This is especially true on the Gold Coast because we’re a popular tourist destination. Pogo wireless hotspots are perfect for:

  • cafes / restaurants
  • resort accommodation / hotels / motels
  • backpackers
  • shops or malls

Wireless Hotspot Range and Reliability

Pogo wi-fi hotspots use trusted equipment, can be remotely monitored from anywhere in the world, and can be custom configured for your business.

Pogo wireless extenders, internal and external wireless booster antennas and strong wireless N routers means we can cover any area. Our wireless hotspots have spanned large gardens and resort grounds and pool areas, hotel foyers and up to 24 floors (though we can certainly go higher if you’ll let us!)

Content Filtering of your Wireless Hotspot

If you’re providing a public hotspot we strongly urge you to consider content filtering. Prevent people from accessing inappropriate material in your space with content filtering. Pogo use Open DNS, the most developed and robust content filtering available. A free account with Open DNS is enough to keep most wi-fi hotspots fully protected.

Modular Design for Easy Exapansion

Start small and grow your wireless hotspot. Pogo use mesh technology meaning the design is completely modular. Adding extra hotspots improves and grows the wireless mesh. It’s cheap and easy to expand your network.

Affordable Wi-Fi Hotspot Solutions

Our wireless hotspot solutions are a fraction of the price of our opposition, have low management overheads and require no ongoing payments. Pogo wi-fi solutions have been tested in the smallest and largest installations available on the Gold Coast. Call us today for a quote on your wi-fi hotspot installation.

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